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PARC Parking Access & Revenue Control systems

PARC systems are the most advanced parking systems now available on the Israeli market. Developed by TIBA Ltd., they have been designed for long-term, trouble-free parking management and control. PARC systems are open-ended and use POE/PFV (pay on exit/ pay from vehicle) or POF (pay on foot) methods of payment through a manned or unmanned central system. A wide range of modular accessories is available to fine-tune each system for spesific requirements. The system can also be combined with existing parking units (magnetic card or barcode readers, barriers etc.).

Parc parking system units

Can be used as both entrance/exit register and the card issue station, as well as the central payment register and receipt issue station.
Payment machine.
Accepts coins, bills, coupons and credit cards.
Issues magnetic/barcoded cards on regular paper/card.
Reads and keeps cards at exit.
Accepts payments with credit cards on the exit lane.
Idetifies long-term and regular users via magnetic, barcoded, proximity or smart card technology.

PARC parking systems automatically handle varied pricing policies and can compute regular user prices retroactively according to a variety of parameter, In addition there are pre-programmed automatic 10 fee schedules for off-street users and regular customers.

PARC parking systems were designed to be more flexible, more reliable and more user-friendly than any other system on the market today. From small garages to large multi-vehicle structures, a PARC system makes efficiant, trouble free parking a reality.